Onsite and Home Support

Do you need assistance that requires onsite service? Or perhaps you would prefer in person support with one of our specialists. Either way, we can dispatch an expert to your location. We provide services such as virus removal, home network setup, computer maintenance, data recovery, and software/hardware support including installations, upgrades, and repairs.

    Our Hardware Support (installations, upgrades and repairs) include::
    • Hardware replacement
    • Upgrading memory, video adapters, hard drives, etc.
    • Printers, scanners and web cameras
    • Increasing performance on motherboards, CPUs and memory sharing
    • Increasing hard drive storage
    • Sound and video performance enhancement
    • Custom built computers
    • Data recovery for anything which you have deleted, formatted, or have been unable to boot
    • Virus cleanups and preventions
    • Backup and restore options
    • Backup into image options

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